Day 3

Umm .... my health keeps becoming worse .... I had important stuff to do today ... but had to miss it ... cause i'm down with fever ... Headache ... cold .... a weather change thing i guess ... 


But i realize one thing today .. to be able to do anything properly the most important thing is taking care of yourself ... yeah you can't really avoid sickness at times .. especially the ones occuring from weather changes... but in this case and also otherwise ... it is very important to take care of oneself ....


I feel a little mature by this thought ... that at present i'm the only person that i have to take care of ... and a sudden change in my state of health can change quite a lot in few days .... i need to become more responsible and love myself more ... and that is not being selfish ... because ahead in future i will have my present family .. and maybe my future family as well to be accountable for ... how do i expect myself to take care of them ..when i can't take care of myself point noted today ... health comes first ... not only at this phase but for every phase in my life ... and especially this phase ...


So .... couldn't stand up to a lot of things ... Dissapointed in myself .... Inspite of the hardwork ... all in vain 

But a lesson learnt .... Maybe i'll take good care of myself now .... 


I still feel so sick ... I wanted to sleep through the day today ... but my sister has come home .. and everyone wanted to go for a family dinner and to watch the festivities around .. a festive season out here i didn't see how i could dissapoint them ... gathered myself ... we went for dinner ... and then around the city .. a lot of places .. and seriously by the end of it ... i started feeling dizzy again ... but i'll be fine ... moreover ... anything to see them smile ...


So we had fun ... and i hope i'll be fine by tomorrow or so ... I don't want to miss all the fun ... but having said that .. back to work again .... 


I'll just go sleep now ... We get back to work again tomorrow ... I'm dissapointed a bit ... But not giving up .... 








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Comments (3)

  1. surferboyzach17

    Hope you feel better soon! Always believe in yourself because YOU are the most important in being yourself. Stay strong and NEVER give up!

    October 19, 2015
    1. superwomanrocks

      Yes.. going strong !!!

      October 19, 2015
      1. surferboyzach17


        October 19, 2015